Ages of Conflict is a versatile World Map Simulation Game

  • AI-only: In this game you observe randomized nations interact with each other and ultimately try to control the world in a massive free-for-all !
  • Maps: The game currently has 12 different maps provide interesting layouts for your game, in addition to a Custom Map Painter
  • Session management: You have some control over the initial setup of the world by spawning a select number of nations before randomization.
  • Nation management: You can edit the names of nations you have a particular interest of, even after they have been destroyed. You also have access to God Mode powers
  • World Building: This game can also work as a tool for world building, thanks to its ability to keep track of nations long since passed. The game has some statistics which can help in finding ancient nations and comparing them to each other.

Wishlist the Full Game:

Steam version will include things like larger maps, better performance, ability to disable AI (so you can declare all wars, alliances etc), custom borders, pre-set maps with nations, more terrain types, money/manpower pool instead of multiplying army dots and more!

This Game is Not Supported on mobile! Any mobile versions you might see are fake, not safe, and you shouldn't download them!

We have a Discord Server: HERE

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(293 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Alternate History, customization, Fantasy, history-simulator, map, world-building, world-history, world-map, world-simulator
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Ages of Conflict v1.04.2 - DEMO (Windows) 29 MB
Ages of Conflict v1.04.2 - DEMO (Linux) 29 MB

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When is the new update happening?

how does country names have automatic effect on the placement where you put your countries?

It would be cool if empires could merge and form confederations. As well as more God options. This game reminds me so much of Galimulator. Which is a good thing. I hope the Dev keep updating this game. Wish it were on mobile, but I can only dream. These are just some suggestions.

I was just watching a game when I saw a nations capital get destroyed instantly I thought it would be destroyed then to. But then the nation survived and the capital just moved I havent seen it before. Is it new or am i just unobservent?

They added that again?

It was always there, when there is revolt and its beaten, that city becomes green  so if capital is destroyed it can become new capital.

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cause they had a core

oh ok thx

They should add flags like custom or preset world flags. Also, unions and historical flags.

Just got a second idea. Generals that can give a country personality. Examples: A country that has a big ego and attacks more frequently than normal. A country that is very neutral and has a small chance to attack another nation.

I get the second one is probably very hard to do but idk about the first one.

Try to guess what's going on.
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how much will it cost on steam

5 to 10 Euros.

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can i die please

how do you add maps from other people


Just download any map you see from wherever you're getting your maps from as a PNG file.
Then put it in your Custom Maps folder.

yEs PleAsE




Hes working on the steam version he doesnt have time to update this game right now


Yea, but it's like five weeks.

(1 edit)

Creating games takes time , he is polishing game and adding features, he said it would cost around 5/10 euros so he has to polish game well before releasing it

Also, they might not be full time developer, so they will take longer than usual. creating games is not easy and neither quick.

Good game I have been playing the game for a few days now and it's really good please add some more maps for the Itch version :D


you should make a reverse world map templateSee the source image


yeah thats cool

Please make a button in the future for 2 or even more countries to unit


That has been confirmed for the Steam version.

32 bbit plssss


ohio got stronger than i thought it would

only in ohio



Its all ohio

What do you expect? It's Ohi



An average day in Europe:

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True I'm going to go destroy Europe now.


Geogia somehow won. Russia just stopped fighting and lost then Geogia just started killing everyone.



Will the Steam Release be free?


It won't be

how do you know?

because the discord server exists

read the 1.04.2 dev log

No it wont

hey, I LOVE this game but I wish you could add this on the App Store on the full release 


The dev has said that a mobile version will be made at some point.


Are you planning on adding a unite button?

That has been confirmed for the Steam version.



How long was your longest war? Mine was 1200 years. It was between Guatemala and Australia. Guatemala had a huge last stand, amazing to watch.

mine was 900 years

2432 north america vs asia

mine was 5000+ years


mine was 38,987 years.  i was asleep for it

yeah right

oh god! was it world war after world war or something?


The biggest encirclement in history (exceeding battle of Kiev) 

it isn't...


I did a battle on the Oceania map and an independent Tasmania recked Australia with some god like move. They went through Australia's front and made a double encirclement and then ABSOLUTLY DESTROYED THE AUSTALIAN FRONT.


How do cities function? Like those white circles with black outlines that just appear.


they dont

after defeating another country, a nation will gain a city. these cities are where revolutions start, and typically, where they end, because the revolt's initial attack will stop as soon as it reaches the border of another city. they are also used to switch capitals in case of the original capital of a country being overrun by their enemy.


i have a few silly suggestions for this game

I. Permanent war / alliance options, where players can prohibit nations from changing their diplomatic status on their own.
II. Terrain, where each terrain has its own war speed, like mountains taking longer to conquer than plains.
III. Flag option, where flags are auto generated for nations and can be editted by the player, or completely disabled by the player.
IV. Language / culture options, where each nation starts with its own culture, can be renamed by the player, and can be spread over time to other nations and in its own territory.
V. Color that can be changed by the player, maybe something like a board with every possible color currently ingame that can be selected with a click.

That would be dope

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i like all exept II

i forgot to mention it may be optimal to have settings, where you could enable these things

Please make a nation unable to fight more than 2 wars at once, also how does the AI pincer movement work???

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Jokupelle is steam version gonna be paid?like my parents would never let me get this game :skull:

edit:my parents would never let me buy the game if it was paid i dont even use earth royal

It is paid. This is the free version


Yes. It is safe


Does anybody know if this download is safe? I trust it but i trusted something else and it wasn't. Thank you! :)


it is very much safe i promise :)


BORDER GORE 馃槀 aGermany Border Gore :)

(1 edit) (+1)

i feel like adding mountains would be very cool so that you could make maps more detailed and certain areas of the world/map would be harder to get to kinda like how in Europe Italy is protected by the alps,  maybe you could make it so you cant get their on the Europe map. In a way i guess it would be more interesting and in certain  places you can only get their by water. You could also make something like a mountain pass that makes the mountains able to be traversed by army's in that spot. I don't know if that sounds interesting or not but maybe you could do it in the next update so the game has a little more depth to it.

thank you if you actually see this (and possibly add it?) jokupelle or whatever your name is.

Mountains and maybe other terrain types will be added!

(1 edit)

-To the free version too, right? I'm asking because I think you would have specified that it would be on the steam version only if you were only adding it to the steam version.

goody enough for me!


Please remove the penalty for fighting multiple wars, it basically makes nations die instantly when theres last 3 remaining.


Yes, I will remove/balance it for the full release. I still want to have some kind of way for multiple small nations to take down one large nation

look like enconomy or technology and generals

Yes, just not make it like a 50% debuff to the whole army. Like it makes world war 2 simulations end in axis victory because it's romania, finland, germany vs USSR

Finland in the axis?

 i have said this before but i just wanted to define it more. i think that to seal the game together would be trade. trade would be like certan territories have a exotic substance and trade would be like a land/sea trade also with said trade you could make a more important diplomacy rather thing just allinces like well playing this i was allies with a country for like 200 years give or take  and then in 2 years of breaking up we went to war and i allyed to a hated countrie. p.s with trade would be a from of getting money and with money you would get more/better armies

The USA invaded mexico to go west. Too true.

I have a request for the game:

a mode where you control only one country, like the god mod but only for one country with more options like the possibility to claim certain areas(if the A.I does this, then it will more likely go at war to annex that region) and alliance requests.

Also i suggest to add "national traits" like:
War monger: a country that will declare war to anyone bordering it more that others

Peace exporter(or promoter): a country that will focus on alliances first. Peace exporter countries won't go at war for any reason and won't have claims on nothing

Diplomacy master: c country that will go at war only for claims and will focus on alliances

Normal: normal countries

(if someone has more suggestions for the traits leave a comment here)

If you add this please make them customizable in god mode. 

Another thing i suggest to add is the possiblity to have max 3 or 4 allies.

The claim system would be like:

country "a" claims a random area whit random size(not depending on other countries) 


Also please update the website version and make a App Store version too


hey can you add a Africa Map? And add a USA and Canada map as well :)


Possibly roads or trade routes as well


I really like the game but would appreciate multi-alliances (alliances with more than one country) and have names for all the cities in a country displayed, again the game is amazing.

Fax. I think it would be great if you could name capitaly city and important cities. And i think making a GDP system will be great too

Please actually make cores not give up enclaves like they're supposed to.


what god powers?

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