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this is not working.


nevermind. Also, This is great!

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I might have a 100000 year war on my hands.  First the 10000 year war, now it never ends.


this is so fun.


bro this is such a good game i might get the full version

Joku? Do you think its a good idea, for bots to have conferences, to decide, the New Borders of a country, and they can be randomized to Partions, Full Annexations, All the way down to puppet states, but just consider it, becuase im getting tired, of poland taking over the whole soviet union, right before germany reaches warsaw, and then owning both the soviet union and poland.

I'll think about it, but it kinda feels like padding, which most players wouldn't pay attention to. But I've been trying to figure out a way for puppet states to work

Alright then =)

Hey Joku, do you think like in poor countries (Such as where i live, in central america) make so the game is a little bit cheaper? Like for example 2 dolars? The problem would be that people with VPNs would cheat the system to get the game cheaper.

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Itchio doesn't support regional pricing. Steam and mobile stores do, so the game can be a bit cheaper if you live in poorer countries. Itch is the best place to buy it if you live in US

ok, thanks

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This is absolutely fantastic. Love this stuff.

Awesome! Thanks!

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I draw flag maps like this:
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im sorry it looks a bit noob but i can't find the real flags of the states

how play on chromebook?

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I think for chromebook you probably need to use the Android Version on Google Play Store. Others have had problems running the PC version on Chromebook

it takes some of the neighbor countries territories 

Imagine if Italy experienced so many revolts that it was destroyed:

Will There Will Be A World Map Of 1914, 1938, And A Large Map Of 1914 And 1938? I Hope So

Will armies be added and the combat system improved?

Visible army units won't be added, but I definitely want to improve the combat system, especially gold's role and some other things

There are already armies in the game, located at the bottom left corner.


When are you gonna update the demo version?

Maybe never(??) Idk. I think it gives a good idea of the game and if you want a demo that is more closer to the full version you can try out the mobile version or watch a YouTube video. Also keeping it the way it is shows how much the game has changed :D

Ah ok.

Hello, if i buy it here, do i get a steam code and unlock the mobile full version or only the steam code?

Only a steam code. Mobile is completely different


there's a 0.000000001% chance JokuPelle will reply to this


Go buy a lottery ticket!




bad game!


no its not




it's not



It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

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Steam keys appear to have run out


Hmm. There should still be many left. Do you get some error when trying to get one? I actually don't know what the process/button looks like :D

Okay, on the documentation page for how the downloads work, it says that if you can’t see them, the dev may have run out or that the purchase was flagged as possibly fraudulent. I’m guessing it falsely flagged me.

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I'll look into it tomorrow. If I cant find a solution I can send a key to you directly


Nah, it’s fine, i’m having the same issue with a few other games as well, it’s an Itch problem, not a dev problem


i left this on for an entire day without knowing lol


yoo cool update dud


Going to be buying the full version soon, hope it live's up to what I hope it will be.


I love this game JokuPelle! 

Alot to be exact, By the way I've been doing this all day!

Me too!!!!




Awesome! Thank you!





Hi! I bought your game yesterday on steam and it's something  I was looking for a long time. Could you tell me if you are gonna add some timeline for what happened to the world during play time? Are you gonna add more depth to the countries? I mean more cities, provinces, diplomacy basic info etc.

I will definitely improve diplomacy, like with puppets and such. I wil also add some sort of event log, but nothing that will allow to preview the map at different states as it's not really possible for this game without massive memory consumption

I know a way to optimise memory while recording everything

Skype me or DM me on discord: Sheepy5064 or

JokuPelle! I love this game so much keep doing the great work man! 

Hi Jokupelle, just wanted to say how good of a game I think this is! I love it. THe only thing that I'm complaining about is the scroll in the demo. It would be kind for you to add a zoom bar so it's easier to zoom in and out. I do not have the full version but I am going to get it soon. Thanks!

Also I would like it if in the full version you could add a replay button to replay the battles and the map.

Thanks! Well I'm not sure when I'll be updating the web demo, but maybe someday. As for replaying battles and the map, unfortunately that would require me to record every pixel on the canvas constantly which would require loads of memory and performance would tank, so not gonna happen, sorry :D

But like you can add it as a DLC in steam or Itch, right?

Or it could be a setting for that


-A button in size and ages: Min (all)

-Flags (Later I will explain how to do it)

-More countries on world map (there are 165/206)

With flags, you should add a button to turn the display of the flags on and off. The algorithm to create the flags could be vertical and horizontal stripes with a basic color palette (Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, white, and purple). It could be edited in a similar way to when you create a map. However, apart from being able to choose a flag for a country that already exists. When putting a default map like the world map, they should put the original flags.

I would definitely like to add flags to the game. A more detailed world map is coming soon!

I have a suggestion for improving the maps. I think it would be beneficial to add rock walls in the demo version to prevent nations from expanding their territory.

hey can I stop the game from making random nations out of nowhere

just disable revolts

ah okay, thank you

how i put full screen for demo ?

How do i draw realistic borders for each country?

you dont

you can't

Buy the version in steam it costs 7 Dollars I think.

You can't

i've seen the biggest country revolt 7 times, then die.


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yo i have an idea

the flag feature

you can enable the flag feature in the settings. It adds flags to countries


this idea may be weird for a game like this

also it will not work in the god mode (like when you edit area, or name, or color)

and a new button in Internal Commands. "Change Flag", you can load an image and change the flag.

What do you think about this one?


Or do it like the Armies Button in the demo version


is it just my bad phone? the mobile version starts to get to 1-0 fps every 2 mins for me.


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Weird. Does this happen when a simulation runs for a while or does it slow down no matter what you do? What speed do you run the simulation? If you are running on max speed it might get laggy

Can you tell what model your phone is roughly :D

Samsung. It starts to lag like when a revolt happens, or when i try to create a map. Russian phones be laggy these days (Nice game btw!)

CTPaBa PoccNa


Thanks! Revolt spawns can cause some lag if they are big especially when speed is increased. Yeah lag on older phones is quite expected. But I'll try to optimize the game more in the future :)


i am back in :D

it is great for me

When I played the mobile version it was nothing like the game! it's like the demo version but not really a demo but still, the scenarios are locked

Yes the mobile version is more similar to the Full version. You can buy the full version on mobile to unlock all features

Oh ok.

Why mobile players have free similar full wersion but PC/Laptop do not have


"I really want it to be free.... Please..It's an amazing game and I would love if it was free!"

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Just Wait till your birthday, and get a birthday card, with a gift card in it, then buy the game like i did



I agree

me too

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Joku? Do you think its a good idea, for bots to have conferences, to decide, the New Borders of a country, and they can be randomized to Partions, Full Annexations, All the way down to puppet states, but just consider it, becuase im getting tired, of poland taking over the whole soviet union, right before germany reaches warsaw, and then owning both the soviet union and poland.


Hey! Remember me? I'm Afghani and my real name is Elijah my tablet is now factory reset and I will have to note that I will have to log out after I comment this bcuz my tablet will be hacked and also I downloaded your mobile version of the game and it was awesome but a little boring at the same time thank u dev for creating this


Thanks for playing :D

I have a few questions which I can’t find the answers to anywhere:

Firstly, what do cities do?

And secondly, what do the different fighting types (random, static, progressive) work?

Well cities currently house possible revolts and cores provide places to move capital in case it is taken. I would like to make them more useful in future. As for combat efficiency setting. If you are on PC it will tell you in a tooltip what they mean. But basically with random CE is randomized every 10 years, progressive changes it to random direction by 1 every 10 years. Static is if you want to specifically set each nations efficiency yourself

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